Procedure for Commissioning and Original Nautical Chart

1. You will work directly with Alan to select the area that is most appropriate to you. He has merged all of the available NOAA charts, domestic and international into one continuous chart so in most cases you are not restricted to the selected area of any single NOAA chart. There are so many options for these custom charts that is would be impossible to show all that would be available.  Some examples can be viewed on this website but in general each chart is made custom for you. You are not restricted to US charts but there is an additional cost for international charts as they need to be purchased separately and scanned.

2. Create a list of images you would like to add to the chart. I have a very extensive Art Library of hundreds of animals, fish, birds, crustaceans, lighthouses and other nautical imagery available at no extra charge. Odd number images are suggested to help create a balanced composition. In most instances, there will be multiple images to choose from for the more popular selections in my Art Library.

3. At this point we will also discuss any custom images you might like to add, your boat, your home, family, pets, logos, your marina or other business buildings are just a few suggestions.  There is no limit to the number of custom images.  Alan will create an original watercolor of each image which will be supplied  separately from the chart either matted or framed. There is an additional fee for each watercolor depending on size and complexity.  Custom framing is available and can be quoted.

3. Alan will set up a Dropbox folder exclusive to you so you can view the custom chart in high resolution as we work on the composition. You can use the folder to place any custom image photos you would like created as an original watercolor and placed on the chart to further personalize your chart.  Dropbox is very easy to use and in most instances he will send you a link that will open directly in your browser.

5. Using Dropbox and email attachments we will work with each other toward a composition that better reflects your needs making sure that areas you might want to talk about are not covered with an image. At this time anything can change; location, size, orientation, etc.

6. For a totally unique chart, Alan can paint directly on a paper chart or an excerpt of a paper chart to create a one of a kind chart.  There are no restrictions on the images selected.  A separate price list is available for these very custom charts.

7. Please email me at the address below or call me at 413 527-8557 if you have any questions about commissioning a custom chart and to receive a price list.


Select the Chart Area

Add Art Library Images

Add Your Custom Artwork