Thank you for visiting the website of Artist Alan James Robinson,  The Map Guy!  He has been a fulltime Artist since 1975 when he graduated with a Fine Arts Degree from the Southern Connecticut University. Alan went on to receive his Master of Fine Arts at the University of Massachusetts in Printmaking and Sculpture three years later. He opened his own Letterpress Print Shop in 1980 where he published 28 separate titles created the way books were printed in the 19th century. Using hand set type and illustrating the book with his etchings and woodengravings he has created some of the most beautiful letterpress books in the last 50 years. His fascination with maps and charts started at an early age as he has been an outdoorsman, flyfisherman and photographer for most of his life traveling to almost every continent in his pursuit of experiences and capturing images that reflect his interest in Nature.

Work directly with the Artist to create a custom map or chart that celebrates a special place or a cherished occasion.  Together we add images and icons that illustrate what makes that area special to you, whether it is your vacation place, a second home, where you grew up, your favorite fishing or hunting area or simply that place you call home. 

Alan has an extensive Art Library containing hundreds of images of birds, animals, fish, wildflowers, lighthouses and other nautical and terrestrial watercolor images that can be placed on your map or chart.  He can create a unique digital map or chart for you by merging multiple maps and charts so you can focus on your exact area that usually are not available on published  maps or charts.  Alan was a NOAA nautical chart vendor for over 25 years and was a USGS Business Partner and a member of the International Map Trade Association.  He has access to most domestic and international maps and charts.

Besides helping us to not get lost, maps and charts give us a sense of place, illustrating the relationship from area to area with a sense of scale. We all have a place or event or occasion that is special to us.  His custom maps and charts can help celebrate your vocation or avocation whether you are an individual or business owner, have a flyshop or lodge, marina or boat manufacturer, a real estate agent or resort owner.  You can further personalize the maps and charts by having Alan creates an original watercolor of your home, boat, pets, family, lodge, camp etc.  You will receive the original watercolor separately as well as your custom chart or map as part of your commission.  The maps and charts make great personal or business gifts for  birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, retirement or something for you special someone as well as for awards and tournament trophies to name a few.